Zidane’s persecution punishes Madrid

Zinedine Zidane remained faithful to what he said last week, and against Villarreal did not change either the title eleven, neither the game nor the moment of the shifts, nor the search for a loss-making solution that seals the lazy first half of the season in La Liga for Real Madrid.

Nothing changed. The white coach chief had indirectly warned of this during his pre-match before the match through anger and unwillingness to accept the fact that his team played badly. If he does not see motives for change, he will just bet back to the eternal. We could all predict it, including the players who know each and every one of their status and what will happen to them in the coming days.

This methodology, which is obviously not working today, was the same that led Real Madrid to five trophies in 2017, but it is clear that it currently puts the team in a delicate position – out of no doubt about the title battle for half a forthcoming championship. Zidan’s players were still in the final judging signal to say that the problems were not due to a lack of dedication, desire or intensity. And it is true that Villarreal saw at least the promising details at least during the first half, although there is something missing: too many incredible omissions of Cristiano Ronaldo and a lot of questions in the game.

Zidane does not think to step back. He bet on the same holders and releases the same reserves (Lucas Masque and Marco Asencio), making it clear who counts on important matches and who counts alive only in tournaments like the King’s Cup. He is convinced that the owners of Saturday plus the injured Sergio Ramos and Carim Benzema are the ones who have to lead him to the glory in Europe and will be with them all the way.

The problem is that the situation around him does not mean that defense of the trophy in the WS is possible and the attempt to endure in such a half-season environment is too risky in a club like Madrid. “Santiago Bernabeu continues to treat the team and his coach with respect, because he knows that after a month, the Champions League battles are coming – the waiting at all times. But if things continue in the same way, an explosion can be avoided before.