Zidane: I can not imagine Real without Cristiano

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane does not believe in another statement that Cristiano Ronaldo can leave the club.

“I can not imagine Real without Cristiano at all. I can not even imagine it playing for another club. He is our players and is dreaming of completing his career here, “Zuzu said at today’s press conference.

The Frenchman continues to deny the expected attraction of goalkeeper Kepa Ariasabella from Athletic Bilbao. More Spanish publications say the guards arrive at Santiago Bernabeu for 20 million euros. There is information even though he has already passed the medical examinations.

“I do not need a new goalkeeper at the moment,” Zidane said categorically. – If by June it changes, we will sit down and discuss it. It is possible to take players at certain positions. ”

Tomorrow night, Real is coming to Celta in a match from La Liga.