Zero draw in Turin brought joy to Barca

The Juventus and Barcelona teams did not win a victory in their 5th round match in Group D of the Champions League. The expected spectacle in Torino did not work and the meeting ended with a score of 0: 0. This remix guarantees the Catalonians ranking the 1/8-final in the tournament as a sure winner in the group. Juve will have to tremble until the last one and hope for the last round to develop in his favor.

Juventus started the match with Gonzalo Iguaine at the top of the attack and Paolo Diballa was behind his back. Douglas Kosta and Juan Quadrado operated on both wings.

More intriguing was the start of eleven at Barca, where star Lionel Messi, who was left on the bench, was missing. The attack was led by Luis Suarez, and Gerad Deulofeu and Andres Iniesta acted on both wings.
Juventus had the first goal in the match in the second minute. Douglas Kosta advanced to speed, combined with Juan Quadrado, then made a strong strike close, but right in the hands of Marc-André ter Stegen.

In the 10th minute a situation came before Gianluigi Buffon. Paulino shoots about 25 meters, but past the door.

In the 16th minute, Juan Quadrado could be fatally wrong. He returned unconsciously with his head back, where Andres Iniesta was stalking, who volunteered, but could not find the outline of the door. Two minutes later, Iinesta itself made a mistake in the middle of the pitch, which led to a dangerous attack by Juve, who ended up with a Dibble strike, but in the hands of Terghegan.

In the 22nd minute Barca was very close to finding the result. Ivan Rakitic is centering from a foul and Paulinho deflects the ball, which has fallen from the bar.

In the 30th minute Paulunyu was again at the center of attention. The Brazilian tried to artistically request a penalty, but instead received a fully deserved yellow card for simulation.

An interesting combination between Quadrado and Dibala in the 36th minute ended with a Colombian volley shot, but too inaccurately over the door.

Minute before the end of the first half, Juve had a new goal opportunity. Diballah came in at the speed of the penalty area and made a strong blow, but over the door. In the attack, Luis Suarez fired toward Buffon’s door, but rather inaccurately.
The second half began with a chance for the guests. Luis Suarez fired a hat trick for a foul.

In the 55th minute, Lionel Messi still appeared in the game at the inconsequential Gerard Deulofau.
Juventus – Barcelona 0: 0 + 21

In the 61st minute, Gonzalo Iguaine had a chance to fire Terssgene’s door from the border of the penalty area, but his shot was rather inaccurate.

The first goal for Messi came in the 63rd minute. Then the Argentine fired badly from a foul, but over the crossbar.

The 75th minute came to a discussion. Douglas Kosta was thrown back in the box but Judge Milorad Magic did not see any reason to give Juventus a penalty.

In the 83rd minute Douglas Kosta made a powerful breakthrough and fired hard on the ground, but to his misfortune the ball did not find the outline of the door.

At the end of the game, Juve became more active and in the added time, Dibala could become a hero for his team after making a terrific blow from a movement that was brilliantly saved by Terghegan.
Juventus – Barcelona 0: 0 + 21

After that, Barcelona remains at the top of the 11-point group and is now a surefire participant in the next phase of the race. Juventus remains in second place with 8 points, but the Torrians are already leading only with a point in front of the third Sporting and will have to look for a win in their last game or hope the Portuguese will not win their visit to Barcelona.