What did the judges say about Tottenham’s first penalty and what did John Moss have to say to Clop after the game?

Against the backdrop of the ongoing debate over the Liverpool / Tottenham Hotspur yesterday, the British media managed to reveal what exactly the chief referee John Moss and his assistant Eddie Smart were saying during the discussion of the first penalty in favor of Spurs, . At the heart of the discussion is whether Deyan Lovren played with the ball in the lead to Harry Kain, who was in an ambush position. Interestingly, neither of the two referees has any idea whether this has happened, but they still decide to judge the 11-meter penalty. Moss even turns to the fourth judge, Martin Atkinson, for help, asking him if he has seen a TV record of the situation.

Today, England’s former top judge Mark Clintonberg has expressed the opinion that it does not matter whether in the first situation Deyan Lovren touched the ball because the defender would not try to play with her deliberately if she did not go to Kane who is in that close position, because he is in ambush. According to him, both penalties are wrongly judged, as there are ambushes of Kane and Lamela.

Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klope revealed that the first thing Jon Moss told him after the last referee was that the referee had admitted that he had made a mistake and had to adjudicate in this situation.

Here is the full transcription of the Moss-Smart conversation involving the captains of the two teams, Christian Eriksen and Emre Zhang:

Smart: I just want to know if Lovren touches the ball?
Moss: I do not know.
Smart: If you do not touch it, there is an ambush and you have to cancel the penalty. There should be an ambush if Lovren does not touch the ball.
Christian Eriken: He touched the ball.
Emre Zhang: He has not touched the ball.
Moss: Just talk to me.
Smart: You know what I’m asking – I want to clarify if Lovren touched the ball? If so, it is a deliberate action and therefore a penalty. If he did not, he was ambushed.
Moss: I have no idea if Lovren touched the ball if I had to be honest. Martin, do you have anything on TV? I’m taking a shot.