Wenger: We made too many mistakes

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was not happy with his team’s performance at a 1: 3 loss from Swansea. He said his players had made too many mistakes in the match for which there was no rational explanation.

“We are guilty for the first goal. I have no rational explanation. Swansea won every important duel on the pitch, both in defense and in attack. On top of that, we made a lot of mistakes and it was serious. This has ruined us. Swansea game focused, disciplined and starving for victory. Unfortunately we were not at the right level. I think we were not disciplined enough. I’m not even talking about the opponent’s second and third goals. We were convinced neither in defense nor in assault. Eventually we lost the match, “Wenger said.

The Frenchman also spoke about the upcoming split with Olivier GirĂ¼, as well as the expected transfer of Pierre-Emeric Obamayang from Borussia (Dortmund).

“This match was a tribute to Olivier. He gave a lot to the club and never disappointed us. Many times he saved us in critical moments. Unfortunately this evening failed. We have had many good and bad moments together. He remains an Arsenal player and therefore was normal to play. The situation is difficult for him, but he has always been on the pitch, “the boss added.

Regarding the attraction of Obamayang, he was laconic: “In the daytime transfers are so complex that until the last I can not be sure what will happen.”