Verdi can go to Napoli in the summer

Bologna striker Simone Verdi refused to transfer to Napoli through the winter transfer window. The two clubs had arranged all the details of the deal, but at the last moment the 25-year-old footballer chose to play a season in his current team. According to his agent Giovanni Branchini, the transfer can not be done in the summer.

“It is unacceptable to criticize a player who decides to continue to develop instead of going to a bigger club.” He did not give a triple increase in his salary with a firm decision, and I do not know why people do not understand his decision, especially in today’s football , where it is often the case for a player to change the team and then regret so many players decided to go out on the big stage but then just disappeared Who says Verdi did not understand going to Napoli in the summer Some trees they give fruit immediately, to others “Simone has talent and will play at a high level of 35 years so he does not have to hurry,” said the agent.