Valverde: 40,000 saw goals to Messi, not the judge

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde returned to a Saturday match with Valencia on today’s press conference for the upcoming Murcia for the King’s Cup. “I personally did not see the ball coming in because the terrain has a descent. But when I saw that Leo enjoyed a goal, I knew the ball had passed the goal. The absurd is that in such an important game 40,000 people see something the judge does not see. Then a whole week is talked about. I hope someday to have a golfing technology, “said the Catalonian coach.

“In the Murcia match I will give minutes to players who play less often. In the first fight Murcia was in a weaker form, but now it’s two points from the leader, “he said. Asked whether to expect activity from Barca on the January transfer market, Valverde replied: “I am happy with the team I have. I know, however, that we are a club that should always be open to eyes during the transfer period. ”

Barca accepts Murcia tomorrow at 20.30 with an advance of 3: 0.