They want Zenith 8 million for Akhmat’s midfielder

Zenith’s winter selection currently includes only Torres Anton Zabolotny’s striker, but the club continues to seek new additions. Piters have focused their efforts on the local market after buying five Argentines before the season began. According to the latest information, Zenith has a keen interest in Anton Schwetz from Ahmat. The 24-year-old midfielder spent five years in Spain in the teams of Zaragoza and Villarreal, and since being attracted to Grozny, he has made a real furore and will soon be debuted for the national team.

“It will be difficult to get a transfer, because Zenith offers 4 million euros and Ahmat wants twice as much, but the negotiations continue,” said TVN journalist Nobel Arusamaan.

He reaffirmed that Roberto Mancini hopes to boost his defense by attracting Maxim Belyaev from Arsenal (Tula) and he is also seeking an offensive midfielder.