The US is considering an alternative World Cup for those who did not qualify for the finals in Russia

The US Football Federation (USSF) is considering organizing an alternative World Cup for teams that failed to qualify for World Cup 2018. The tournament, to be held next summer, aims to attract the cremation of teams that have failed in world qualifications. The formula and structure have not yet been specified, so contact with other federations is not available for the time being.

The BBC has contacted FIFA, from where they have assured them that they will not hinder such an initiative if everything is done according to rules concerning the national teams.

According to the BBC, the first countries invited will be Italy and the Netherlands, which will be among the largest absentees in Russia. Chile, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Wales, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Greece are also among the potential participants in the planned forum. Of course, there will be hosts from the United States, which surprisingly also failed to qualify for the World Cup.

Unfortunately, BBC does not mention our national team as a possible participant in the alternative World Cup.