The striker, which is sought by all of the players on the island

In the garage of former West Ham striker and Aston Villa Marlon Hearwood in Nottingham are hooded t-shirts of a number of Premier League players. There are the names of Harry Kane and Kyle Walker, and Robert Pires has written a message to an old Arsenal team. In fact, these footballers are no longer his opponents but clients, and the garage in question is his new office. They go to Hearwood when their car is boring or just miss PlayStation. And he satisfies all these desires.

Before Daily Mail, Hearwood said some of them wanted their seat number to be sewn on the seats, while others wanted the rear seats to be transformed into a bed so they could rest before and after matches. “Nothing surprises us, people come up with any crazy ideas,” says Hayward. “They are asking us to put in coffee machines, printers, whatever.” Some of them may be reminded of the old Pimp My Ride MTV show, the difference being that it is working with the best cars in the world.
When Leicester won the title of the Island, every player received a dear, brand new bright blue BMW i8 from the club owner Vicai Srivadanapraba. Blue, however, does not all like it when it comes to a car, and they just visit Harewood. Riyad Maceez, Wes Morgan, Danny Simpson and Demaray Gray pay to Hayward to change the color of their cars to £ 105,000 (€ 120,000).

Hearwood started his professional career in 1996 and despite his new career, the lack of a team still does not give up on football. Last month, he was 14 years old since he went to West Ham for 500,000 pounds – a small amount from today’s point of view. After signing the “hammers” he also bought his first expensive car – the Porsche 911 Carrera 4.
While there is no team at the moment and between talks with footballers, Hearwood is doing something completely awaited at this stage of his career – he is licensing a UEFA coach because he still wants to become a manager one day.