Swedes sold out unique teams for 6 minutes

AIK is one of the most popular and beloved Swedish teams whose history dates back to the late nineteenth century. The Solna Club was created in 1891 and has a total of 11 titles in the showcase, and although more than half of them date back quite a long time, the fans of the team stop believing in their pets and support all the players the squad of the Stockholm suburb.

The club leadership decided to change the equipment provider recently and move from Nike to Adidas, and working with the US giant is already working. One of them is probably one of the most beautiful teams you’ve ever seen.

It’s a whiter one, which is a replica of the T-shirt that AIK players earn their first title in 1900.

The special jersey was exhausted only six minutes after its release, and demand was far greater than supply. The Swedes have released only 127 units of the special series with which players will play pre-season, as well as the Swedish Cup matches, and everything has been robbed quickly.

AIK finished second in the last edition of the Swedish championship, and now players of Rickard Norling are preparing for the new season starting on March 31st. White teams, however, are not the only club products associated with the 1900 title.

The team, which is known as the only team from Stockholm to play in the group stage of European tournaments, will also rely on pure black teams of the same series.

In 2010 the Swedes were eliminated from Levski in the playoffs for entering the Europa League after 0-0 on Swedish territory and a 1: 2 loss in Sofia.