Sevilla captured the new Atletico fortress

Seville’s team made an important step towards the 1/2-cup finals after winning 2-1 as Atlético Madrid’s first-place finish at the 1/4-final. Diego Kosta took the “los colchoneroos” with a goal in the 73rd minute, but Miguel Angel Moja’s own goal (79) and Joaquin Korea’s (89) scored the victory in the Seville range. Vincenzo Montella’s boys first defeated Atletes at the new Wanda Metropolitano stadium, unless we count Chelsea in the Champions League.

The two senior coaches staked in almost optimal formations. Diego Kosta stood next to Antoine Grisman in the Madrid assault. Luis Muriel led the Andalusian attack on 4-2-3-1.

The hosts drove a little more actively. The first danger, however, was opened to Miguel Angel Moya. At the ninth minute Pablo Sarabia made a tremendous 19-meter shot, in which the ball licked the beam. In the 11th Huangfran cleverly brought Grizzan, but he did not control the field. In the 13th Diego Kosta sent the ball into the net, but the referee saw an offense in the attack. The Brazilian uses his hands to fight Gabriel Mercado.

Atletico – Sevilla + 10
In the 19th Kostha rose in the air and seriously hampered goalkeeper Sergio Rico, who sprawled and slaughtered in a corner kick. In the 25th Joakin Korea, he fired dangerously with his head – Mine was careful to catch the goal. In the 27th Coke lost the ball and the guests from Ramon Sanchez Pichuan constructed a wonderful counter: Sarabia took Joaquin Korea, who alone against the goalkeeper shoots in his foot. In the 37th southerners developed a new good counter, ruined by the inaccurate passport of Joaquin Korea. Two minutes later, Korea lost the ball and a fearsome counter for the “mats.” Diego Kosta came in power and fired, but he met Rico’s resistance. In the 41st Sergio Escudero made a very treacherous blow of 30 meters, the ball went into the junction if the goalkeeper had not traced his trajectory carefully.

Diego Simeone took Diego Simeone out of the box and released Angel Corea, who moved the attack on the hosts. In the 60th he centered sharply from the right flank and stepped to Diego Kosta to jump. In 66th, Clemen Langele was on the verge of marking a spectacular own goal. He plunged his head and sent the ball to the nearby beam. The 73th Athletes took the lead. Stevan Nasoni was unable to clear the ball well, and he came across Diego Kosta, who is shooting unsavory on a 13-meter diagonal – 1: 0. The guests from Sevilla reacted with a heavy blow to Escudero along the beam. In the 80th Sevilli, they were leveled. Jesus Nasus center on the right, get a ricochet that cheats the goalkeeper in Moya, the goalkeeper plays the ball, but boxing her in the net – 1: 1.

In the 89th, Monttela’s team made an unexpected second strike. A defensive defeat allowed Joaquín Korea to leapfrog himself against the goal-keeper and run technically alongside Mia for 1: 2. By the end, the cleanest situation was before Diego Kosta, who was blocked by Langley.

The rematch is a week in Seville.

Atletico Madrid – Sevilla 1: 2
Diego Kosta (73)
1: 1 My (79 – own)
1: 2 Joaquin Korea (89)

Atlético: My; Juanfran, Savic, Godin, Luca Hernandez; Vitola (46 – Angel Korea), Gabi, Saul, Coke (82 – Torres); Kosta, Grizman (68 – Ferreira Carasco)
Seville: Rico; Corchia (90 – Geis), Mercado, Langley, Escudero; Ozzie, Banega; Sarabia, Franco Vasquez (75 – Navas), Joaquin Korea; Muriel (84 – Ben Jeder)