Sassuolo fired his coach

Sasuolo’s coach Cristian Buky will almost certainly be fired for hours. According to various reports in the Apennines’ media, the club’s bosses have already decided to remove him, even by choosing a deputy. This will be former coach of Udinese and Palermo Giuseppe Yakini, who has agreed to sign a contract by 2019.

Buki took Sasuolo in the summer after his separation with Eusebio De Francesco, who stood at the helm of Roma. Under his leadership, however, the team did not perform very successfully, with only 3 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses in the A Series. The defeat by Verona (0: 2) on Saturday seems to have swept the glass of the boss’s patience. They were also dissatisfied with Buky’s statement after the match, which said he “can train players on tactics and endurance but can not teach them to have a character.”