SARI: The problem of Italian football is not foreigners

Napoli’s coach, Maurizio Sari, has leaked the opinion that the problem of Italian football is that too many foreigners play there. Since the national team failed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia, it has been widely argued that the number of foreign players in the A Series should be reduced, but according to Sari, it would be much more useful for Skuadra Adzura if the football calendar of the Apennines is being restructured.

“I do not like sports politics in recent years. I hope in the meantime I like more. The right decisions must be made. Structurally, the situation is dramatic. At the moment we do not even have the president of the first two leagues. It is foolish for me to think of reducing the number of aliens in the A Series. They are not that many. I think it’s more appropriate to make changes to the football calendar. The breaks in the championship have to be eliminated, and national team controls will move after the season, “Sari said.