PSG with offers for Wenger and Fellaini

PSG who has just dropped out of the Champions League, may be the rescue zone for Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and for all fans of the balls who want the French to release the club from his presence. According to information in France, the bosses of Parisians have already contacted the 68-year-old specialist to find out if he is willing to take over PSG in the summer. It is clear to everyone that after the Fiasco against Real Madrid Unai Emery will not stay at Park de Prince after the end of the season. One of the favorites for his post is the experienced Wenger. Last summer, the Frenchman signed a contract for two years, but a series of poor results recently again reinforced the moods against him. Yesterday on the Island, it was reported that Wenger himself told his headquarters that he did not intend to leave alone, but the proposal from France could make him think.

At the same time, PSG is preparing an offer to Manchester United midfielder Marwan Felaini. The Belgian contract with the “red devils” expires after the end of the season and the two countries still can not understand the term of a possible new contract. The former Everton player wants a long contract. That is exactly what Parisians are willing to offer. The offer will be for a 4-year contract with an annual salary of £ 5.4 million pure.

Roma is also interested in Felaini, while Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has repeatedly said he wants the Belgian to stay at Old Trafford.