Peter Cech is questioned about the Tottenham derby

Peter Cech is questioning the London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham on Saturday. This revealed Arsenal Wenger’s Artillery Manager. The goalkeeper has an injury in the calf, obtained during the match with Everton last weekend. He was then replaced by David Ospeda in the 71st minute. Wenger said he would decide for the goal post at the last minute. He added that Danny Welbeck and Nacho Montreal will be at his disposal.

The manager does not hide that the meeting on Saturday is of utmost importance. Arsenal is the sixth in the standings, losing four points from the fifth Tottenham and five from Chelsea, which is the last place to qualify for the Champions League. “This fight is always a lot of passion and emotion. If you look at the ranking, this is a very important game. For us it is an opportunity to get closer to the places that are eligible for the Champions League, which is our priority, “Wenger said.