Peru has refused to nationalize the football federation

Peruvian authorities have refused to accept a bill that could lead to the removal of the country’s national team from the participation of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This was announced by Congressman Paloma Nosseda in Twitter.

Earlier, Nossa proposed a bill to put the football federation under the control of the state, but this is against FIFA’s rules.

The World Football Club immediately sent a letter to the local headquarters, recalling the ban on state interference in federal affairs.

“We have reached the goal of becoming a world champion with a hard work, and all citizens of Peru celebrated this great event, which is why we decided not to accept this bill,” Nosseda commented.

Peru was ranked for the world football finals for the first time since 1982.

The 2018 World Cup will be held from 14 June to 15 July in Russia.