Pep praised Bristol City: They played better than many of the Premiership

Bristol City manager Lee Johnson said he was praised by Josep Guardiola after his team lost 1: 2 in the first League Cup semifinals. A late goal in the second minute of Sergio Aguero’s added time secured a victory and an advantage for Manchester City. But according to the Spanish Premier League manager, the 3rd in the Championship have been more worthy of many teams than the elite.

“Pep told me that we played better than many of the Premiership teams they were visiting, and we will take a lot of the experience we have gained here and promise an exciting revanchment,” said the coach.

“The goal as a guest is very important,” said Johnson, “we tried to score, that was our idea, and we did not park the bus, and my players were fantastic because they played football, whether they would win or lose, they were trying to play what we were trying to do in the championship until last.We are a great team for a couple of reasons: We can play well, we’re fast and everybody knows that Bristle is waiting for hard minutes.