New heavy crash for Chelsea

Chelsea’s team suffered another heavy loss in the Premier League. Once in the last round, Londoners fell 0: 3 from Bournemouth home, today they lost 1: 4 in their visit to Watford. Exactly for Victory Road’s hosts, Troy Deeni was 42nd in the penalty shootout, Darryl Yanmaat in the 84th, Gerard Deulofuu in the 88th and Roberto Pereira in the 91st minute. Ray Eden, who scored in the 82nd minute for 1: 1, was a hope for the guests, but this was not enough for the “blue” who disappointed their supporters again. The fact that they played with a guy less than 30 minutes helped Tiede Bakayoko score a second yellow and red card and helped the heavy loss of Londoners.

The host manager staked in this Troy Deney match at the top of the attack, and he was backed by Richard and Gerard Deulofeau from behind positions.

Chelsea went out in this match without a clean striker, with Eden Azar, Pedro Rodriguez and Villian in the front. In the middle of the field, Tiemue Bakayoko and N’Goolo Cante started.
At the beginning, the two teams stood quite equidistant on the pitch. In the 8th minute the hosts reached their first position in the match. Abdullai Doukure took advantage of a poorly cleaned ball and took control of the penalty area and then punched, but it was incorrect.

Chelsea came to its first danger in the 12th minute when a poorly knocked ball fell into Villian’s legs, and he made a loud jerk that ran over the door.

In the 30th minute Chelsea stayed in a reduced pitch. Tiemu Bakakihoo was late on entering Richardson’s leg and got a second yellow and red card.

In the 35th minute Richard Charlotte tried a shot, but right in the hands of Tibor Courtoa.

In the 41st minute Watford won a penalty in his favor. Deulofeu received a pass at speed, ahead of goalkeeper Curtoa, who stumbled into the penalty area and the judge pointed to the white point. Troy Deyne finished 11 meters and was 1: 0.

In the added time of half time Chelsea organized an interesting counter-attack, which ended with a stroke of Pedro, but above the door.
In the 51st minute, Victor Moses and Marvin Zeegelar hit their heads in a hurry for a high ball in the host’s penalty area. The medical team had to help the two players before the game was renewed.

Watford had two good opportunities in the 58th and 59th minutes. Deulofeu made a shot at the door first, and then Richarlison shot from a distance and the ball tapped dangerously close to the beam but in the off.

In the 65th minute, the “Stirchelles” had a great new opportunity. Doukure advanced with a ball to his leg and made a powerful shot that was saved by Kurtoa.

In the 75th minute, José Holebas tested the reflexes of the Belgian watchman with a strong strike at the border of the pennant, but Kurthoa was once again unshakable.

Chelsea also had an excellent opportunity in the 81st minute when Cesc Fabregas fired on the ground and the goalkeeper had to intervene decisively. Just a minute later the guests reached the level of the score. Eden Azar with a great shot sent the ball unreachably in the net behind Orestes Karenezis for 1: 1.

The hosts could have put their lead back in the 84th minute when Deullofeu was defeated, but his technical shot did not find the door. Less than a minute later, however, the “Stars” returned their lead. Darillet Yanmaat combined with Roberto Pereira in the pennant and then sent the ball into the goal for 2: 1.

In the closing minutes, Watford finished off with two more goals. In the 88th Geraard Deulofeuf raced undoubtedly more than half the terrain, then a 3: 1 technical shot on the ground. In the 91st minute, Roberto Pereira was dropped into the penalty area, and from a difficult angle managed to direct the ball into the final 4: 1 door.

Seconds before the end of the game, Chelsea could have returned a shot but a shot of Olivier Giu was saved by the goalkeeper with a brilliant plane.

So Watford recorded his first success in his last 6 games and with an asset of 30 points ranks 11th in the standings. Chelsea remains at 4th position in the table with 50 points earned so far.