Napoli replied to the thrown glove from Inter

Napoli is once again a leader in the A Series, after having won a difficult and “colorless” 1: 0 victory over Udinese in a 14th round of the championship. The only goal fell in the 35th minute and was dealt with by Jorginio, who missed a penalty but managed to write off with the addition. Italy’s new nationalist is back with the last few performances of 11 meters of penalty kicks due to previous misses by Merstes, but now he himself does not show much white-point mastery.

Napoli for the first time in history has made a third consecutive victory over Udinese, and now has 21 games without defeat as a guest in Calcio. The Partenopes were again not glamorous against Calzato after a Champions League match, but they still managed to score 38 points in order to beat Inter (36) again in the first place. “Nerazzurri” spent the night after the 3: 1 victory over Cagliari on Saturday night.

Penalty adds up Napoli over Udinese + 12
Udinese’s new mentor Massimo Odo debuted with a defeat but against a contender for the title, with his team remaining 12 points in 14th place.

Maurizio Sari could not rely on Fauji Gulam, Arkadiusz Milik and Marco Ruy, so Christian Maddo was on the right back, and Elseid Hissai was moved to the left of the wing. Vlad Kirikesh stood to replace Raul Albiol in the middle of the defense to allow the Spaniard to get a break. Despite some news that Marek Hamshik would also take a break, he came out among the champions and stood behind the usual trio in the attack, Diris Mertens, Lorenzo Insieire and Jose Maria Caiechon.

Former Chelsea striker Stipe Peritza got the confidence of the new coach Massimo Odo and led the frillan avant-garde in a new 4-4-1-1 circuit supported by a backward position from Rodrigo de Paul, and the youngster Simone Scuffet stood at the door as Albano Bitchari is serving a punishment.

Penalty adds up Napoli over Udinese + 12
The very first half did not offer very much the football merits of the viewers, and almost no positions were created. Napoli has again shown some effort to play creatively in the front against a team that came out with the idea of being defended. In the 33rd minute, however, happiness smiled at the Partenopes when Cristiano Maggos broke into the right corner of the penalty area and was stumped by Gabriella Angella, where the referee pointed the white point.

Giorgino played a very frightening penalty, but for his luck, Spuffet knocked the ball into his reach and he was correct in the 0: 1 addition. These were the only blows in the outlines of the Napoli door to date, but they had brought them the desired outpouring of Friuli.

Penalty adds up Napoli over Udinese + 12
After the break, the level of the show was not particularly high, but the guests had two good chances to increase their lead – first Mertens in the 50th minute fired to the left in the penalty area, but tied in the ball and could not shoot from a dozen meters. In the 74th, Merttens’ outfit ricocheted at Samir’s foot and became ideal for the undefeated Kayehon Penalty Field.

Penalty adds up Napoli over Udinese + 12
The Spaniard, however, decided to shoot from the air without processing and sent the ball right into the hands of Spook. The cleanest position for Udinese was in the 94th minute when AntonĂ­n Barak fired at about 20 meters, but Jose Reina was iron at his door.