Milan with first victory at Gatuso

AC Milan has won first prize under the leadership of the new coach, Gennaro Gatuzo, after defeating Bologna 2-1 in a 16th round of Serie A. Giacomo Bonaventura became the hero of San Siro in the 16th round. hits for his team in the 10th and 76th minutes. Bologna was exactly Milan’s former football player, Simone Verdi (23).

The duel began with a more active game of the hosts, who created several opportunities at the front of the team led by Roberto Donadoni but failed to realize them. In the 9th minute Kalinic managed to shoot in the outline of the door, but before it was played Croatian offense against a defender of the guests. However, the first hit was not delayed. In the 10th minute Bonaventura discovered, and helped the ricochet at the feet of Gonzalez.

After the goal, the Rosoners continued to be more active than the pitch. In the 19th minute, Sousse advanced dangerously, but hesitated, and instead of shooting, he sought a teammate, and this dimmed the attack. There were strong minutes for Bologna, which led to tensions in the Rossoneri penal field. After all, the efforts of the guests were rewarded and the former Milan player Simone Verdi equalized in the 23rd minute with a blow in the far corner of the gate after a wing attack.

After receiving the goal, Milan pushed his opponent, and passes to the goal made Bonaventura and Bonucci, who shot his head after a corner kick. At the end of the half-time, Milan fans were shaken by a misunderstanding between Donaruma and Bonucci as the ball barely hit the net.

The second part began with a more active play of the rosoners, while the guests were in no hurry, as the result satisfied them. In the 54th minute, Ricardo Mondolito with resolute intervention saved Milan’s goal from a second goal after a distraught game of hosts defense.

Milan Gatuzo coached a change in the squad after nearly a hour of play by relegating Kurtone, who, with his first touch, created a dangerous situation in front of Bologna’s door, but no understanding with Kalinic.

In the 77th minute, Bonaventure brought Milan forward again after scoring the ball into the Bologna network. There was a serious offensive to the guests, who almost leveled twice, first firing the Milan net.

By the end, the tension was in front of both doors but no new goal was reached and Milan scored the first win under the guidance of the new coach Rino Gatuzo, climbing the seventh position in the 24-point ranking. Bologna remained the ninth with 21.