Milan can be removed from European tournaments because of a financial poker jailbreak

Italian Grand Milan could be knocked out of European club tournaments because of a break in financial fair play, the Spanish newspaper Marka writes. Last week, Milan officials visited UEFA headquarters, where they tried to clarify the situation and avoid penalties. According to sources from UEFA, Milan’s general manager Marco Fasone has failed to convince anyone of his intentions.

The European football club is not confident that Milan is a solvent club, especially in relation to the current results of the first team. The documents provided show that Milan wants to improve its financial stability by joining the Champions League groups, but for now the Rosoners are far from that goal.

In this regard, Milan may be fined or eliminated from participating in European club tournaments. At the moment, the team competes in the Europa League, and in the championship of the country ranks 7th in the ranking after 13 games and lags 11 points from the places to fall in the Champions League.