Matuidi chose Juventus to have something to tell his children

Juventus French midfielder Bless Matuidi explained why he chose to leave Paris Saint-Germain and continue his career in Turin in the summer of 2017. The footballer says he did not feel well in Paris, and he was also looking for a new challenge.

“I honestly needed a change in the situation, I spent six wonderful years at Paris Saint-Germain, but I wanted to change the environment, to get to know another culture, and I would lie if I said I felt comfortable in Paris, so I was looking for a new challenge. the emergence of the chance to win the title in Italy with Juventus, I did not think much.

After the end of my career I will be able to tell my children that I have become a champion not only in France. Italy is an adventure for us. I speak in plural because we made this decision with my wife, “Matuidi told Le Figaro.

He also commented on the elimination of Champions League Parisians against Real Madrid, who is the next rival to Juventus.

“It is not a shame to lose against the best team in the world, and they are the winner of two consecutive editions,” says the Frenchman.