Manchester City slipped to the 1/2-final after penalty shoot-outs

The Manchester City team shuddered but qualified at the 1/2-finals of the League Cup tournament in England after removing Leicester’s squad after extra time and penalties.

The duel of King Power stadium started in a perfect way for the “citizens” they found at the 26th minute through Bernardo Silva. The bottom line was Ilkay Gundogan, who made a good break and went to Silva.

The duel went to a calm victory for the guests when in the seventh minute of the added time the referee ordered a little overpriced penalty for the foxes. Demar Gray burst into the field, Kyle Walker tried to stop him and the judge saw a violation. Behind the ball stood Jamie Vardi, who sent the match in extra time.

In the first Harry Maguire, he could make a complete turn for Leicester. With a free kick, he rose above all and headed somewhere around the penalty kick, but he was out.
105th minute City fired a foul. Yaya Toure stood behind the ball, and Ben Hamer planked and saved. Five minutes later, Alexander Zincchenkov took a beaten ball and shot from the edge of the pen, but over the crossbar.

This resulted in the execution of penalties, which were so-called ” ABBA system. In the first one, one team executes one penalty, then two consecutive penalties execute the other team. Two of the first team, two of the second, and so on again. Christian Fuchs leapt to Leicester, but then Gundogan and Toure took City ahead. McGuire and Ebora again gave Leicester the lead, which was blunted by Nmece and Jesse. There were two misses from the white point for the hosts, first Vardi did not hit the door, then Bravo caught the attack of Marse and ranked City in semi-finals.

The compositions of the two teams:

LESTAR: Hammer, Amarty, Dragovic, Maguire, Fuchs, Albrighton, King, Ebora, Chillwell, Okazaki, Iainaso

MAN CITY: Bravo, Zinchenko, Mangalla, Adarabiyo, Danilo, Fodan, Toure, Gundogan, Diaz, Jesse, B. Silva