Madrid, Neymar and the father of the scandal

To this day, Manolito Adebayor remains the last striker Real Madrid has attracted through the January transfer window. He came in early 2011, after Jose Mourinho hit his signature, and there was no way he could not be satisfied – there was a chance someone would dare not do it! Luckily, six months later, the Portuguese showed the same stubbornness with Luka Modric.

The pictorial Torogian striker came, played 22 games, scored 8 goals, won the King’s Cup, left his mark as a good footballer and even better man, then returned to Manchester City, where he immediately gave it to Tottenham. Santiago Bernabeu chose, let’s say it with the greatest possible dose of respect, not to exercise the redemption clause. Manolito was simply not a striker for Madrid …

Last week, minutes after Al Jazeera’s over-stress in the world club championship semi-finals, Lons Merrenge coach Zinedine Zidane cooled off expectations for appearing rumors of a possible January rescue with a new shooter, saying: “I will not want an incoming transfer of striker. Karim is enough. “Coach and club coincide in their assessment: the January market does not offer attackers of the right level for Real Madrid.

In fact, such archers, giving full guarantees for the top class, are counting on the fingers of one hand, even more when they lived on the back of the 50 goals per season by Cristiano Ronaldo. By leaving Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez (for obvious reasons), only Kilian Mabé and Neymar remain.

Babe was the big chance of last summer, but the club failed in its strategy to attract an outstanding footballer, called to mark the era of Messi / Cristiano. Is it because of lack of enough audacity, whether because of untrue Manchester United bid for Gareth Bale, whether because of too much trust in the word of the father of the superstart, whether because of everything listed cum, but it is certain that the biggest star under 20 in the world football he preferred Paris to Madrid. And such assailants do not appear every summer. Frenchman, and yet born in the city of light, it does not seem very easy to be taken off by Paris Saint Germain in the short run.


Neymar remains. At 25, he is recognized as the third best player in the world and his escape from Barcelona in Paris against a record 222 million marks a new era in the football market.

The Brazilian has long been the great dream of white president Florentino Perez. In 2013, he even underwent medical examinations in Madrid before helping to overthrow Joan Laporta from the Barça presidency, and during the Gala in the award of the Golden Ball in January 2016 in Zurich his father was more dangerous in the cabinet than his son is on the pitch, is again present at a meeting with the emissaries of Los Merenges. Well, then with others at PSG and Manchester City.

Today in the soccer circles it was a whisper that Neamar did not feel well in Paris, although he had just gone there and that his relationship with some of his teammates was not good at all, and he was ready to leave. In the meanwhile, PSGs are becoming more and more tense because they already know his father well.

That is why the French club’s sports director, Antero Enrique, has accused Florentino of speculating with the opportunity to attract the superstar of the PSG. Madrid is sure to look for a new top-level striker next summer, and it’s clear that if Neamar’s door opens it will jump for him. The PSGs are mistrustful to the Brazilian and do well. He is a super-grader, but also a factory for constant scandals. Like his father.


This time, one Kepa Arisabaglau will arrive in January, as it will end long-lasting debates – those around the goalkeeper’s post that immediately began with the sunset of San Iker Casiyas. Lewis Bowie’s goalie coach worked with Keelor Navas in Levante and Kepa on the Athletic Bilbao juniors, and his report was crucial to attracting the youngster. Thus, Madrid could not fail: the target was able to determine the entire era of Chamartine, and ended its contract, so it was a more advantageous find.

The club does not want more noise around this post and there are no grounds for rumors of interest to David de Hea or Tibor Courtoa. Keelor is the keeper of the present, Kepa is the gatekeeper of the future. Not to mention that the 17-year-old Moha, part of the Guti team, has been training with the first team for one year.