Madrid fans: Kane immediately to Bernabeu

Real Madrid fans are convinced that the royal club should be active on the winter transfer window. This is a major study by Marca, in which Harry Kane grumbles all other candidates. More than 100,000 people joined the survey and its results appeared on the front page of the newspaper. A total of 85% voted “yes” to the question, “Should Real Madrid be strengthened in the winter?”.

The second question is “What position do you need to add?”. A total of 88 percent believe this is the attack. The remaining areas on the pitch are distributed as follows: 6% for the goal post, 4% for the defense and 2% for the midfield. Entering in more detail in people’s preferences, Marca lists several popular attackers in Europe.

Harry Lewis (9%), Eden Azar (8%), Mauro Ircardi (6%) and Paulo Diballa (6%), followed by Neimar (23% (6%). 83 percent do not want Karim Benzema. Gareth Bale is unwanted by 51 per cent. Iskano and Luka Modric win most sympathies from Real’s fans.