Loko (Moscow) wants a Chelsea’s Brazilian

Russian Lokomotiv (Moscow) will try to attract Chelsea Kennedy midfielder Alfredo Pedula. “The railroaders” want to hire the 21-year-old Brazilian who has had 3 matches in the League Cup since the start of the season but has not yet appeared in a championship match. The two sides are already negotiating, and Lokomo will have a competition in Newcastle.

Kennedy was Fluminensee’s youngster, debuted for the team in 2013, and in 2015 went to Chelsea. In his first season, he played 15 games for the club at Stamford Bridge, then was handed over to Watford, but only scored one game in the Premier League with the hurricane team. Lokomotiv is also interested in Paris Saint-Germain Hatem Ben Harfa’s midfielder. The 30-year-old technician has proven to be superfluous at Park de Prince and will certainly not remain in the team. He is expected to terminate his contract and move to Leicester. But if negotiations with the foxes fail, there’s a way for Ben Harp to reinforce Lokomotiv for the title attack in the spring.

Meanwhile, railroad defender Taras Michalic refuted the information that he wanted to leave the team. But that could be done by Eder. The author of the Euro 2016 winning goal for Portugal did not fit into Yuri Siomin’s team and is likely to return to Lille.