Legendary Milan has become a full midfielder

The most successful Italian football team on the European stage Milan has become a very mediocre club on its 118th anniversary. Despite the € 230m worth of selection this summer, the situation in the upcoming rival of Ludogorec in Europa League is scandalous. The team started with the big basket this summer, with the main goal being the Champions League standings, but after the selection, the Tigos even dreamed of Scudetto.

Such will certainly not be able to see this season, the ML is also a mirage, and the more worrying about them is that the return to the European tournaments after a three-year break may well be temporary and next year the Rosoners will watch European collisions on the TV.

Defeating 0: 3 against Verona, one of the most feared clubs with 18-time Italian champions, proved that club work is not right. The numbers speak for themselves. In the first 17 rounds, Milan has seven losses, the humiliation of Mararcantonio Benedocti was first in the A Series under the direction of Gennaro Gatuzo in the calcio while the other six were Vincenzo Montetella. With him, the “red-blacks” retreated against all six opponents ahead of them – Napoli 1: 2, Juventus 0: 2, Inter 2: 3, Roma 0: 2, Lazio 1: 4, Sampdoria 0: 2 .

This time, the slaps came from the penultimate in the standings, which had been handed a 3-0 winning streak to San Sirio 3-0 in a direct eight-lap clash for the Italian Cup.

Inter – Milan 3: 2, hat trick of the Ikardi + 56
The facts say that Milan has seven wins, three draws and seven losses. Ideal indicators for a club that fights for the middle of the ranking. Interestingly, the last time the “red-and-black” had seven or more defeats after 17 rounds, it was in the far 1981/1982. Then Milan has eight losses to this round, eventually falling into the B Series.

Igua’an and Juventus have thrashed AC Milan at San Siro +37
Milan also has a negative goal difference at this stage 23:24. Although the Gianluigi Buffon Gianluigi Dona Rama is considered to be the new Gunluigi Buffon, and defending the Apennines as the strongest defender for the past five or six years, Leonardo Bonucci, in tandem with one of the most promising Booths – Alessio Romanelli. They are, however, among the biggest disappointments in the entire A Series, as Juve’s former defender is the favorite in all the calcio. One of the most disturbing things is that eight times Donaruma has allowed two or more goals in his goal in the championship, and two of those times and three – Inter and Verona, and once even four – Lazio of “Olimpico”.

The only turn this season for the team is against Austria Vienna from 0: 1 to 5: 1 at the San Siro in the Europa League groups, which guarantees the first place in the group. (b.a. The Croatians from Rijeka twice scored two goals in the Rosoner’s door)

Montella was removed shortly thereafter, and with the arrival of Gatuzo the bad results did not change. Benetveno’s full outsider had no point in the first 14 games, winning his first against AC Milan (2: 2), entering the world two-day tournament as the referee’s goal was Alberto Brinjoni. So far, the “witches” had never scored in their history twice in an A Series match, and the interesting thing is that the 38 million-euro striker Andre Silva still has no goal in the calf while the last guy there is one in the ranking.

Goalkeeper shores Milan with a goal in the 95th minute + 45
Verona had not scored three goals since May 1 last year against Vicenza in the B Series, and now he has made it to AC Milan.

With the arrival of the legend of Gatuso in five games, the team allowed eight goals against the fighters to remain in the elite – Benetveno (2: 2), Bologna (2: 1) and Verona (0: 3) Europe – Rijeka (0: 2). Only against a considerable part of Verona’s Italian Cup reserves kept Milan’s door dry.

Verona knocked Milan into the calcio + 21
“I’m not Padre Pio to do miracles.” The truth is, when we make a goal, it becomes a total chaos on the pitch in our ranks, “said Gatuzo, who is asked to transfer his character and strengthen the defense given the fact that last year had the best defense in Italy’s second echelon. Now the heavy games with Atalanta, Inter and Fiorentina are ahead for the next 10 days and Susa will be punished for two of them.

Moreover, UEFA does not believe in Milan’s new leadership project, most likely vetoing transfers for next summer, as the financial fairplay was severely disrupted last summer.