Kovac praises Eintracht: Nobody has a will like ours

Coach Eintracht (Frankfurt) Niko Kovac has traditionally spoken to the media before the upcoming round in the Bundesliga. After meeting with journalists a week ago, he had to answer more questions about his passing to Bayern Munich at the end of the season than he did for the upcoming championship match, he now had to comment on the ranking of the eagles for the final The Cup, not the meeting with Hertha (Berlin).

“We did not sleep very much last night, but we are in the seventh heaven with joy. We have to recover as best we can, because we are facing a game with a tough rival like Herta, “were the first words of the Croatian mentor.

“It is clear that we spent a lot of energy on Schalke 04. The team showed an unbelievable will. Just like nobody else in the Bundesliga. We got to the finish because we did everything we could, “he added to last night’s 1-0 victory, sending Frankfurt for the second consecutive year to the Cup final.

“There will probably be some changes to Saturday’s game to refresh players. We have a wide staff. Those who have been in the shadows can come to light now. We enjoyed the victory last night, but it’s time to redirect our attention to Herta, “Kovac said.

“Kevin-Prince Boateng got hit. I hope to recover in time. There is nothing to do but wait. Jettro Williams also injured and was replaced for that, “he made clear on the health situation he was.

“I want to repeat something once again. Lucas Hradetski was incredible yesterday. People should not only comment on mistakes. His yesterday’s performance, and his overall performance during the season, is just fantastic, “Kovac told the title guard who will leave the summer with a free transfer.

“Our fans were just great last night. On Saturday it will be the same, “concluded Kovac.

Eintracht is ranked seventh with 46 points, as is the sixth Hoffenheim. RB (Leipzig) is the fifth with 47 and Herta is in ninth place with 39 and still has the theoretical chance for European tourists.

The match between Frankfurt and the “Old Lady” in Berlin is from 16:30 on Saturday and after losing a week ago by Bayer (Leverkusen), now the “eagles” will try to continue the tradition they created themselves during the season – not to allow consecutive defeats in the league.