Juventus continues to follow Fabihno closely

Juventus continues to closely follow the performance of Monaco Fabihno’s midfielder. The Brazilian, who could act as a right back, was in front of a transfer to Pari Saint-Germain in the summer, but at the last minute the deal failed as the FIFA Financial Fairplay was the reason.

At the same time, Juve was interested in Fabihno. The Bianconers, however, had already taken Rodrigo Bentankour and had only one other player outside the EU. So the bosses chose to direct their efforts to Douglas Kosta from Bayern.

Now, however, it is believed that the “bianco” will try to take it in the summer. Moreover, the footballer himself admitted he expects this to be his last year at Louis II.

“If there is nothing extraordinary, I expect this to be my last year in Monaco. I did not sign anything, but … yes, I have an oral deal with another team. Atletico Madrid? This is one of the options, but no one has ever held talks with my agent. I am currently in Monaco, and by the summer many things can happen. I hope to show my form last season. We will talk again in May, “Fabigno said.