It’s the worst Arsenal in 20 years … and it’s going to get even worse

No, you do not confuse – this is Arsenal’s worst team for over 20 years. And just when you think it can not get any worse, you know it’s on the doorstep to sell your best footballer. The Empire Arsenal Wenger has collapsed around him and none of his players seem ready to roll his sleeves to save his setting manager.

Sunday’s day began with leaving Alexis Sanchez outside the squad and ended with an even bigger story about the press for the squabbling surrender in Bournemouth. Lack of spirit, thirst for play and victory, quality – Arsenal seems to have a complete shortage in each zone. Manchester United may also offer Henrich Hyhitarian as part of the Alexis deal, but “gunners” better ask for a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker in addition.

What is even worse for fans is the apparent epidemic of the low-grade disease spread across a bunch of other players except the Chilean superstar. Now they do not believe the club is ambitious enough to replace their outgoing leader, and that is clearly evident in their presentation on Sunday.

Wenger took Arsenal in 1996 and is “the culprit” to attract great players such as Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Sol Campbell. However, it is difficult to imagine any of his current staff as a champion in his old teams. Today, the “gunmen” have become such a terrifying middleweight team, so predictable and full of losers instead of champions, that they are more likely to finish in the middle of the table than in Top 4. Even the Bournemouth fans have expressed it with their humorous chant after the result: “How bad should you be to win a visit ?!”

Londoners are playing terribly on a terrain this season with defeats against Stoke City, Watford and now Bournemouth and suffering against any decent opponent. Their only victories outside came against Burnley in the end and against Everton and Crystal Palace – this is clear about the lack of thirst for winning the team.

In Bournemouth, Arsenal finally threw all his strength, but it seemed unlikely to equalize at all. Alexander Lakazet has 9 consecutive no-goal matches, and in the absence of Alexis and Mesut Jossil, there is no one to add quality to middle-class production.

Wenger’s team has not yet won since the start of 2018, and this is his worst start in a 1995 calendar year – the last before the Frenchman came. If anyone can go back so far back in their memories.