Irregular goal of Barca and red card for Ramos

Like every classic, the battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona left behind controversial points. This time, Judge Sanchez Martinez was lucky not to be decisive for the outcome of the match. The Marca Internet Edition examined in detail the discussion moments of the game. In the second minute, the referee had to intervene and not to score Cristiano Ronaldo. There was a clear ambush in this case and the referees did.

In the 28th minute, Gerard Picke requested a penalty but the referee did not respond correctly by pointing to the white point. In 59th Sergio Ramos hit Luis Suarez with his hand and Marca’s analyst Judge was supposed to be a direct red card for the captain. Sanchez Martinez acts condescendingly. Daniel Carvalhal’s penalty and red card are not in doubt.

Marca explained both positions in Barça’s penalty area, where the hosts claimed penalties. In either case, according to expert opinion, there is no penalty, because the game by hand is unintentional and the upper limb is in a natural position. In the 93rd minute, the referee made a mistake, influencing the final result. The ball left the field in touch, but no one sees it and seconds later Alejand Vidal scores.