Inzaghi pointed to the culprit for the loss

The coach of Lazio Simone Indzagi the abolitionist defender The father of the loss of Roma in the derby of the Eternal City. “The Wolves” had a 2-1 draw, and for Lazio it was only a second defeat in the season. The father was guilty of both hitting the eagle’s door. He took the penalty against Alexander Kolarov, from which Diego Perotti opened the score, then gave the ball to Raja Ningolan and the Belgian national shot Thomas Strachosha.

“Before the break, Roma was pushing high, but did not create clear goals. Our counters were more dangerous. The idea was to use free space after the break, but two gross individual errors failed. When something like this happens in a derby, you can not help but lose, “Indzagi said.

“It’s disappointing for the fans, but last season we also lost the first derby, and then we won the second. We need to get back on the right path. I know it will not be easy, but I’m going through this and I’m sure we can get even stronger, “Indzagi added.