Gatuso is the right person for Milan, Lippi says

Gennaro Gatuzo is the right person for Milan’s coaching bench. This was stated by former mentor of Juventus and Italy Marcello Lippi. Recall that under the guidance of legendary specialist Reno won the world title in 2006. In front of Sky, Lippi confided that even then the heart-in-law midfielder told him he would one day devote himself to the coaching profession.

“If Gatuzo became a senior coach, why not, he expressed a desire to become such a one time before me, let’s say that Gennaro had the courage to start at the lowest level, then lead the Milan double and at the right time stood at the head he has a great football background from the field and that’s a good starting point, coupled with his character, and I’m convinced that Genoar is the right choice for Milan, “said Paul Mulman.