Former Russian star: I landed in Manchester but I did not know in which team I was going

Former Russian national Andrey Kanchelsky made a curious statement. The former wing of the Sbornaya said he did not know at last which English club he was going to play. On March 26, 1991, one of the last stars of Soviet football signed a contract with Manchester United. In one of his first “Red Devils” training, Kanchelsky calls manager Alex Ferguson a “Scottish bastard.” Here’s what the former footballer says:

“In 1991, I took a plane from the USSR to England, no one told me which club I was going in. I had an agent and I asked him what was going on, but he was not specific, and he just said,” You’re going to Manchester. ” I did not know, but my agent told me that he did not know We had landed and did not know anything It was not until I saw Old Trafford that I was talking about Manchester United I wanted to train right away but I did not get I was not prepared at all! No one had told me I was going to train the very first day I bought some shoes but it was terrible and I did not perform well. Alex, however, like me. At that time the home did not know almost nothing about Man United. Liverpool was quite popular team, but this changed in 90 years, “said Kanchelskis.

“One of the first trainings made me say” Scottish bastard “to the manager, I did not know what that meant, I did not know English, and I told him I did not realize that there were such fools in Russia as foreigners who did not know Russian “When I told Ferguson a” Scottish bastard “, all of them broke with laughter, and to my happiness the manager was doing, and in England everything was new to me, I only had experience with the 4-4- 2, because in Dynamo (Kiev) I acted on the flank in the same game building under Va Leriy Lobanovski, “also trusted the Russian legend.