Emery: We know who wants to provoke a quake in the PSG

Senior coach of Pari Saint Germain Unai Emery is trying to control the tension in the dressing room just a month before the first Real Madrid match in the Champions League. According to the newspaper L’Equipe, there is a serious conflict in the team between Argentinians and Uruguayans. Captain Tiago Silva told the media that his information, Javier Pastore wants to go.

“I am happy with the players I have. After the match, the footballer came out to speak to the media. Everyone is free to talk. We must continue to work and be positive, “the Basque specialist said at a press conference today. “Tiago Silva said what he feels right now. It is important to keep calm. For me the most important are the games. (…) Call for renewed training and see if he will play, “admits the Parisian coach.

“Our team is strong and thinks about the upcoming meetings. The club has experience, I too. See, in Spain, that Neimar goes to Real Madrid, but that does not bother us. We know who wants to provoke shocks in PSG, but we know how to defend ourselves, “Emery said.