Defeated, impressive goals and a famed series of 14 consecutive wins

In the next edition of the world football weekly review, we will be introducing you all the most curious after the weekend. We will pay attention to the crisis in Borussia (Dortmund) and the detachment of Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) at the top of the Bundesliga. Barcelona also made a serious advance against its big rivals in the Primera Division, but Valencia remained on the heels of the Catalonians after eight consecutive wins.

If you consider this series to be impressive, then in the show you will find out which European team amazes even more, winning their first 14 season games! In the Netherlands Ajax splitters NAK Breda with 8: 0, and Zenith is already starting a difficult period and returned to the winning road in the Russian championship also with convincing success. The battle for the first place in the Greek Super League is becoming more and more cruel, and in distant Japan it is time to find out if the champion of last year will triumph again.

At the end of our review, you will also find out which team is in a better position after the first of the two Asian Champions League final matches, as well as seeing a famed performance of legend Chavi, which continues to impress even 37 years .

Sit comfortably and focus because in the next few minutes you will have a world of 62 goals and a bunch of curious moments on football grounds.