De Hea is already the No. 1 player in the world among No. 1 players

David De Hea’s eroic, yet completely routine, performance of his Manchester United victory over Arsenal in the super-bout of Premier League on Saturday (1: 3) poured water into the mill of those who claim the Spaniard is now the No. 1 goalkeeper the world. There are two former Red Devils goalie coaches – Eric Steele (2008-2013) and Tony Cotton (1997-2007). They share it with readiness and pride in commenting on the Daily Mail.


“I can remember Alex Ferguson missing just two United matches. The first was a Manchester derby in 2000 for the wedding of his son. The second? Because of the mission of spiriving David de Hea.

I came to United in 2008 and since then we had to prepare for the day Edwin van der Sar will retire. Personally, I was convinced that the 19-year-old David was the right heir. I showed a three-minute clip with a compilation of his appearances to Sir Alex and then we went to watch the boy at the Atletico Madrid game against Valencia the night we played with Scunthorpe for the League Cup.