Cristiano, rethink: you can not leave!

On Monday late Monday, an information bomb exploded, which brought the Madridies to their nails. The title of the news was clear and clear: “Cristiano wants to leave Madrid on June 30th”. This was followed by similar information from the Portuguese sports daily A Bola in the summer. Then CR7 finally rethought and decided to stay in Real Madrid after tense conversations with his trusted people.

But then, at the back of his desire, he had his problem with the Spanish treasury (still in the courts), until now his irritation and his heartbeat were directed towards the CLUB’S GUIDE.

Cristiano Ronaldo does not feel well appreciated. Although he won the “Best” award in October and is almost sure to win the Golden Ball this year, he knows that the top-ranked footballers are far behind Lionel Messi (40m euros a year from Barcelona) and Neimar (35 million a year from Paris Saint Germain).

Cristiano renewed his contract one year ago by June 30, 2021, for 21 million euros net per year. At that moment, he was happy with the sum because neither Messi nor Neimar had received their amazing new wages from Barca and PSG respectively. According to the Portuguese, the most common thing was for the club to quickly find it and put it at least at the level of the Argentine, who is due in December to catch up with won “Golden Balls” (5).

CR7 has no problems with the audience, and his anger is entirely addressed to the governing body, but he will ask him to rethink before completing his nebulous threat to leave in June.

Chris, where are you going to feel better in a sports plan than Madrid? Would you win another club three times the Champions League for four years and four “Golden Balls” for five? You are number one in individual terms, but Madrid is also team-mate, so your marriage is bound to overcome the differences between you if you want to go hand in hand on the road of success.

Outside of Madrid, Cristiano would be the best paid and would be the most media player. But there. Sports glory is achieved only at Bernabeu. Sometimes it is better to apply ice on the heated area. Cristiano, rethink! Madrid needs you and you need Madrid. Friends Forever!