Celtic hosts Kilmarnock

Celtic hosts Kilmarnock in a postponed match from the 4th round of the Scottish Premiership. We are about to have a look at this clash in our vip soccer predictions today.

Far from surprising, Celtic won once again the title in the Premiership. Brendan Rodgers’ boys were levels above everyone else and they deserved to be crowned champions. Right now Celtic have 81 points in the league and a record of 24 wins, 9 draws and 3 defeats. Right now Celtic have 11 points advantage in front of the 2nd Aberdeen and a game in hand.

Since the Championship Group in the Premiership began, Celtic have a record of two wins and one loss. They surprisingly lost against Hibernian away from home, but they fixed their mistake with two wins over Rangers and Hearts. In other words, Rodgers’ boys proved that the loss against Hibernian was just a fluke. And that they are much better than everyone else in the league right now.

Kilmarnock on the other hand are 5th in the league standings with 55 points. They have a record of 15 wins, 10 draws and 11 defeast. Since the Championship Group began, Kilmarnock are just awful – three consecutive defeats against Aberdeen, Hibernian and Rangers. We can say that nobody is going to be surprised, if they make it four in a row against Celtic as well.

Celtic are celebrating their title and it would be surprising to see Kilmarnock taking something from this game. We shall see Celtic enjoying this one and offering a show to their fans. For Kilmarnock it’s a matter of honour to do well and defend their colours.

These are our vip soccer predictions today for the Scottish Premiership clash between Celtic and Kilmarnock. Whatever you have decided about this one, we wish you good luck!