Cavani gave way to Neimar’s claim

Paris Saint-Germain, Essonne Cavani, has admitted that he will not be here, but Neimar will be running the penalty for the team. A couple of weeks ago, they both quarreled who to shoot from the white point in the match against Lyon (2: 0) and the conflict between them threatened to ruin the atmosphere in the dressing room of the team. Then senior coach Unai Emery said he would decide who to beat the penalty shootout and apparently has already made his choice.

“Who will run the next penalty? Neimar, “Lavon was called after the victory over Nantes with 4: 1 last night. The Uruguay confirmed that it was Emery’s decision.

Cavani scored two of the goals to win against Nantes and now has a total of 15 at the beginning of the season, being a convincing leader in the League One shooter’s list.