Buffon praises Iguaine after the derby

Juventus captain and legend Gianluigi Buffon blamed the attacker Gonzalo Iguaine after a 1-0 victory over Napoli in the big derby of the 15th round in Serie A. After the success in Naples, after an Iguaine goal, Juventus cut the advance of the Neapolitan, who are the leader in the ranking, 1 point.

“We are happy because it is difficult to win in Naples. When playing with such determination, unity and concentration, we show that we are a solid team that can fight back for the title. Iguaine has been in great shape in the last two months and it would have been a big loss if he could not participate in this game. The fact that playing despite the pain after the hand operation means a lot to us and Juventus, Buffon commented.