Bloody and controversial derby of Madrid ended in favor of Barca

Real Madrid’s Madrid champion is already 10 points behind the Barcelona leader after the White Man made 0-0 in the Athens derby with Atletico Madrid on Wanda Metropolitano. The meeting will be remembered with many discussion positions in the two penalty fields, most of them most of them at the door of Jan Cloud.
There were no surprises in the start of the two coaches. Diego Simeone bet on 4-4-2, choosing Angel Korea as a partner of Antoine Grossman. Luca Hernandez took the place of Philippe Luis. Daniel Carvahal returned home after more than a month and a half outside the terrain. Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo led the “white” attack backed by Isco.

The first chance in the game was discovered in the third minute and it was really crystallized. Los Merenges defeated, Rafael Varan handed over to Anheelito Korea, who jumped himself against Kiko Cassia, but flicked and fired ten meters inaccurately. The ball went sideways from the goalkeeper’s left beam. This was a huge omission of the Argentine after Varan’s gift. In the 12th, Cristiano Ronaldo was left on the left, continuing to Isco, whose sharp centering was left unaddressed. In the 15th Saul centered on the left, Coke attempted an attractive heel-but he was blocked.

Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid + 18
In 19th referee Fernández Borbalan ordered a violation of Benzema. After the referee signal, Korea deliberately kicked the ball and aimed the head of the fallen striker. The arbitrator left the action without consequences. Namely Korea was the most active of the hosts. In the 23rd he made a powerful lead to the outfield but only won the corner. After his execution he jumped to the right place but did not hit the ball well.

Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid + 18
In the last quarter-hour of the half-time, guests from “Santiago Bernabeu” pushed and created very good goal situations. At 31 Marcelo received a brilliant ball for centering with an outer rebate – sent it to Stephen Savic’s foot. A minute later, Tony Kroes and Ronaldo made a double shot in the penalty area, the Germans got a chance against the goalie alone and fired inches from the right beam in the off. In the 34th Kristiano shot from a distant foul, Yan Cloud plunged and knocked in the corner.

Two minutes later, “Los Blancos” reached a brilliant goal. Marcelo centered on the far beam, where Casemiro put his head to the nearby Sergio Ramos, who headed a 5-meter goal away from the bar. The repetitions showed that the captain kicked a kick in the face of Luca Hernandez. The sufferer stood on the grass with running blood from his nose. The experts wondered if this was not a penalty but Borbalan had decided otherwise. Marca referee analyst Anduhar Oliver believes there should be no penalty because the kick is “involuntary”. In the 45th Marcello again got a chance to center on the left. The Brazilian national sent a low and sharp ball that fell into the “red-and-white” defender’s legs.

Bloody Ramos did not come out for the second half, and Nacho Fernandez appeared in the game. Shortly after the start, Diego Simeone made an assault shift: pulled Thomas Taye and dropped Yankee Ferreira Carasco. In the 56th Saul shot a powerful 20 meters and sent the ball a few meters from the assembly in the out. In the 58th Real again demanded a penalty. Marcelo centered, Juanfran lifted his hand but the ball hit his hip first, which reduced the weight of the penalty. In 62nd Korea Korea experienced an interesting pass in an empty space that was left unprepared.

Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid 0: 0 + 18
In the middle of the second half the stats reported a 60% possession of the ball by the visiting team. In the 75th Ronaldo received the ball from Luka Modrich, he managed to catch the arc of the penalty area, but the shot did not get it. In the 77th field they left three strikers – Benzema, Grozman and Korea. Marco Asencio, Fernando Torres and Kevin Gamayro appeared in the game.

Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid 0: 0 + 18
In the 78th Gamayro received the ball slightly out of the door, the guard was overcome, but Varan knocked out of the goal. In the ensuing corner, Cocke kicked hard and the ball hit Kristiano’s hand. The hosts’ claims for a penalty were not reasonable enough. In the 81st Ronaldo kicked a direct free kick that was more suitable for centering. The Cloud was careful and dead in a corner.

Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid 0: 0 + 18 At the 83rd corner of the corners, the Portuguese tried an attractive kick with a heel on the first beam. The ball was weaned and fell back on Ronaldo, who was shooting in Diego Godin’s hand. The request for a penalty was again not respected by the judge, and two minutes later. Then, in the 85th, the ball hit Huffran’s hand in an air duel with Ronaldo.

In the 86th Kroos, the Slovenian guard did not interfere well and he did not reach Cristiano to reach the ball in the immediate vicinity. In the 89th “Los Blancos” they organized a magnificent counter. Marcelo assisted Christiano on the right. The Portuguese put all his power in the shot but in the last moment,┬áLuca Hernandez jumped on a sword and blocked.

Eventually, the first derby of “Wanda Metropolitano” ended without a winner and no goals but left many controversy. The big winner of the collision is the Barcelona driver, who already has a double-digit advance over Madrid’s pursuers.