Australia is on the Mondiale after two penalties and a ricochet

Australia’s team qualified for the World Cup after a 3-1 win over the visiting Honduras in a rematch from the barrages. A few days ago, the two teams made 0: 0 in Central America, and today they retired on vacation without hits. In the second half, the kangaroo was greeted by 77,000 spectators at the Sydney stadium with a hat trick of Mile Jidinak (53, 71 and 87).

The guests played tightly in their half, relying on repeating the outcome of the first match and seeking a penalty shootout. The attempts of the Australians hit a stone before the break. Escobar’s goalkeeper was a stable last barrier in several situations.

In the 54th minute the hosts received a very good position for shooting. Yedinak fired, the ball ricocheted in Figueroa and flopped into the net. In the 58th Tim Cahill they hit the beam after a great head-to-head performance. In the 70th Judge gave a penalty to the “kangaroo” after Akosta played with his hand in the penalty area. Yedinak did not make the mistake of the penalty and doubled. The defensive midfielder made a hat trick after a new penalty in the 86th minute. Robby Krues was dropped into the penalty area and Palacio made a violation. At the end, Honduras returned one goal after Ellis scored in the 94th minute after shuffling.

31 participants of the World Championship in Russia are already clear. The last one is yet to be determined. Peru and New Zealand will go into a second battle after a 0-0 draw in Oceania.