Arsenal has established itself in the top 4 with a thunder and crash

Arsenal’s team defeated Huddersfield with a 5-0 win in the Premiers league’s 14th round and hit the top 4 of the standings with 28 points – one third Chelsea and two Chelsea more than the 5th Liverpool.

Alexander Lukaset gave the “gunners” an advance in the third minute. Within 4 minutes Arsenal defeated the guests with Olivier Girush (68), Alexis Sanchez (70) and Mesut Jossil (72) in the second half. Three minutes before the end of the regular time, Giuu scored his second goal in the 5: 0 match.

The hosts achieved the 12th consecutive victory in the Emirates championship. On the way to meeting this goal, Arsene Wenger has only made a change in his lineup – Mesut Oswald returns to the top of the game at the expense of Alex Iuby. His colleague David Wagner made six changes in his composition, but that did not bring him any success either. The duel of the Emirates started in the best way for the hosts, which they found in the third minute through the Frenchman Alexander Lakazet. Aaron Ramsey, who fired a hand from Aaron Ramsey on the edge of the penalty area, matched the visitors’ defense, managed a Huddersfield defender and sent the ball into the net to the nearby beam of the Lockles gate guarded for 1: 0. The attack calmed down the “gunners” who played much more freely afterwards and until the end of the half-time created more interesting situations.

In the second part, the guests tried to reverse the negative development of the match, seemingly dangerous to attack, but they collapsed only within four minutes between the 68th and 72th minute. A combination of Yosil, Sanchez and Giuro led to doubling the advance of the “gunners” after the Frenchman received an ideal ball in front of the door and did not make a mistake. The emotions of the hunt had not yet vanished when Sanchez made the classic result after a new assistant to Josil, who found him with a right-hand flank, and the Chilean elegantly sent the ball into the net.

The Emirates Goos Fiesta continued. In the 72nd minute, Ozil scored his name among the goal scorers after he was brought out perfectly by Ramsey and his eyes were able to overcome the guards. At this point, a number of Arsenal fans decided they had seen everything in this game and headed for the Emirates outings, but they were in a great delusion. Three minutes before the end of the regular time, Frenchman Olivier Girou put his second goal in the match after taking advantage of Colossinak’s naked position.