Arsen Wenger to Dermendzhiev: I was sure Ludogorets would beat PSG

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made a great compliment to the Bulgarian champion Ludogorets. In front of Georgi Dermendjiev, the Frenchman has trusted he has predicted the victory of the Eagles over the Paris Saint Germain. The former team manager from Razgrad is visiting “From Penalty in Touch” at

“I can tell Wenger’s opinion about our match in Sofia against PSG, and he watched the meeting with Arsenal Gazzidis, the sports director, who commented on the game and Arsen Wenger said:” Let’s watch Ludogoretz – PSG and see that the Bulgarians will beat the PSG. “We were in. I know it personally from Wenger, we met in England and told me,” Dermendzhiev confided.