An amateur team in England will have to play at least 27 games in the next eight weeks

The English Amateur Football Club 1874 Northwich will have to play at least 27 games within the next eight weeks to successfully complete the championship.

The team of 1874 Northwatch, who is competing in the Northwest League Premier League (ninth level of football in England), has 23 delays in matches so far, besides the championship, the club is also fighting for three more cups.

“We have another 27 league matches for the remaining eight weeks, and we also play for three cups, so our matches up to the end of the season can also be 32,” BBC Mark Riding, a keen fan of the team, told BBC.

Much of the delayed 1874 Norwich matches are also due to the team’s participation in the England Cup tournament where they recorded the record-breaking 11th season before being eliminated in the third qualifying round of the Ossetian team. To finish the season on time, the 1874 Norwich team will have to play at least 3 games a week, and there may be two fights within one day.

“The Football Association will not allow matches from the level at which we are to be played after the end of the season Two years ago Bauf’s team had to play two matches in one day to finish the championship in time, who is a former member of the board of the club.