Allegria: The tension is on Napoli

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri expects a real show in Napoli’s 34th round of the A Series. The specialist dropped the pressure from his players, saying the final outcome was decisive for the perpetrone, not the Italian champion.

The two teams face each other on Sunday night at 21:45. of Allianz Stadium.

A mini tournament of 5 matches starts tomorrow. We have 4 points ahead, which means tomorrow’s match is not decisive. It will be a great game, but it will not be decisive. I have not decided on what to place. Paulo Diballa feels good. All the injured have recovered. On May 20, if we are good enough, we will be the first. Otherwise, we will congratulate the winner, “said Allegri.

“Napoli threw everything into the championship, which means tomorrow the match will be decisive for them. When I wake up on Sunday, I’ll decide who to put an attack on. The meeting will be long and we will need some shifts. We are ahead of Napoli, which means we are better. Many people talk. I listen to their tales and be cheerful. Maurizio Sari does a great job. He changed everything Rafael Benitez had bequeathed to him. He created a team that plays beautiful football and achieves results, “added Juve’s mentor.

“The Napoli season is unique. The same applies to previous campaigns. The team is at a high European level. Currently, Juve has as many points as needed. After the Madrid meeting we had to defeat Sampdoria. We had to risk in Cronet and allowed this scissors goal, “says the specialist.