A late goal shot Burnley in the Top 4

Sensation Burnley achieved a new victory and came out in 4th place in the Premier League standings. Shawn Dick’s guys beat 1-0 away from Stoke City and beat Liverpool and Arsenal, but they have a lesser match. The victory made the reserve Ashley Barnes in the 89th minute.

Stoke performed significantly better than the Tottenham 1: 5 defeat, but still failed to leave with a Turf Mor point. The composition of Mark Hughes is in the lower half of the table, in dangerously close to the falling area.
In front of the national coach Gareth Southgate, veteran Peter Crouch played a strong match for Stoke. The potters did not give in to the hosts, but they went too deep in half in the last 10 minutes and were punished. Jack Cork’s long pass came to Barnes, who made a double shot with Scott Arfield and lifted Burnley fans.
In addition to defeat, another bad news for Stoke is the injury of central defender Kurt Zuma, who left the game for an hour.

In the next round, Burnley will be at Brighton, and Stoke will host West Ham.