19-year-old talent subordinates Inter and crazy Milan

Milan’s team lied Inter Milan 1-0 in the Milan derby in the quarterfinals for the Italian Cup, which for the first time in its history was decided after extra time. The “Crissier” line-up of the “Rosoners” won a historic match against the “Nerazzurri” after 120 minutes of play. A hero for the “red and black” was 19-year-old Taran Patrik Kutron, who entered the reserve and won the goal in the 104th minute of the match. At the semi-final in 2018, Gennaro Gatuso’s players came out against Lazio, who yesterday also beat Fiorentina 1-0. The battle for the final will be decided in two matches between January and February.

Rosoner and Nerazzur stood against each other for the 24th time in this race. The seven-time European champion has already had 10 successes, while the “black and blue” have won seven victories, as are the draws. The two grandchildren had not met in the tournament since January 2000 when they were again arguing for a place in the semi-finals. Then the quarterfinals were in two games, with Inter winning 3: 2 as the guest in the first match, then the match ended 1: 1.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
This was the fourth time that the two clubs went out against each other at this stage in the tournament, with Milan having an advantage in winning 3 at 1. The last derby in the championship this autumn was won by the Nerazzur with 3: 2 after Mauro Icardi scored a hat trick and the winning goal came in for a penalty kick. This time, luck was with Milan, who deserved the valuable victory and continued in the battle for the trophy.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
Hours before the meeting, Genaro Gatuzo realized that he would not be able to rely on his janitor, Gianluigi Donaruma, who was replaced by Marko Storari at the start of the 11th. The 40-year-old veteran was injured in the warm calf, with Antonio Antonio standing under the door frame Donaruma, who made a debut for the club. His 18-year-old brother, Jijo Donaruma, was back on the bench when Storari injured after seeing the match from the stand and was initially not included in the group.

The Spaniard Suso returned after a punishment, and his attack was part of Nicola Kalinic and Giacomo Bonaventura. Argentinian Lucas Bilia and Manuel Locatiles were among the midfielders, with Frank Cassie playing. Injaio Abte, Leonardo Boncuci, Alessio Romanelli and Ricardo Rodriguez were in defense for the Rosoneri.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
Luciano Spaleti bet on Antonio Candreva, Joao Mario, Ivan Perissic and Mauro Icardi in attack.
Handanowicz was at the door, and João Cancelo, Andrea Ranokia, Milan Skrinary and Yuto Nagatoo played in front of him, while Matthias Vesino and Roberto Gallidini were the 4-2-3-1 backpackers.

The duel had a big bet after both teams lost their last two games in the A Series. Something that had not been happening in the calcio for 69 years.
Gatuso was on the penalty and Spaleti wanted his team to rise after the negative series in the last four games in which he scored just one goal for 390 minutes and the only victory in that period came after penalty shootout 5: 4 against the third division Pordenone on San Siro “.

Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
The first of its kind “Derby della Madonina”, which is played between Christmas and New Year, arrived about 50 000 typhoons, most of which were fans of the symbolic hosts of Milan. The two guitars from Curva Sud and Curva Nord were once again filled to the limit and once again made a show with their choreographies. “We are alone,” said the message of the milanists, while that of the Interiors was, “I will rather die than cheat on you.”
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
The first danger was in the 18th minute when Bonaventura fired a head after centering Kesie, but Handanovich roared in a corner shot. Locals and Billy received yellow cards. The first for simulation in Inter’s penalty area and the second for a rough foul at Vesino’s feet. Goalkeeper Antonio Donarama scored his own goal in the 24th minute when he tried to clear the ball with a foot after Perisic’s shot.

A minute later, however, the attack was canceled by VAR after Andrea Ranokoia was ambushed by the Croatian shot.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
In the 28th minute Sousse fired with his right foot ten meters, but Handanovich with an excellent reflex slaughtered with one hand. Shortly afterwards, in the 30th minute, the “Nerazzurri” wanted a penalty kick for Boncus, and in the 33rd minute a shot with the head of Ikardi passed in centimeters from the top right corner of Donaruma.

The second part began with Abate’s trauma, which was replaced by David Calabria. Bonaventura shoots over the bar in the first good attack on his team after the break. Locator error could have been fatal in the 59th minute when Donaruma saved the red-blacks. The guards showed a great reflex after Joao Mario fired four meters farther against him. The Portuguese was drawn with an Ircardo head that jumped highest after Vesino’s cross.

In the 65th minute, Bonaventure missed his head. The midfielder plunged after a knock down by Handanovich’s ball, but sent the leather ball to the outside.
During that time, Gattuso made another forced change, as Kalinic was injured after the sharp entrance of Skrinjar. Young Kurtone appeared on the pitch instead of the Croatian national. Turk Hakan Chalhagoglu changed Locations. The coach of Inter Spaleti has released Borha Valero and Marcello Brozovic at the locations of Galliarini and Joao Mario. Changes to the younger coach have proved decisive for the final result as they have raised the level of “red-black” play.

Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
The bench saved the “neradzuri” in the 79th minute. A Suzo’s strike ricocheted in Srinary’s body and turned to Handanovich’s upper beam. In the next attack, Inter missed an excellent chance. Brozovic pulled Perisic, but he fired high above the door.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62 Perisic’s shot was knocked out by Donaruma, who rescued Kandereva’s 87th minute leg. Seconds later, Chalhagoglu centered, but no one caught the ball in Calabria. The defender looked for Cassie, who did not hit the ball in a great position. In the 90th minute, Susa’s shot was knocked out.

For the first time in history, the two grandchildren had to play extra time in the Italian Cup. Spalets replaced Eder and Kandereva in the middle of the first sequel, but shortly thereafter, the Tifos of Milan erupted in the stands. This happened in the 104th minute when Patrick Kutronne scored after scrambling behind the defense and found a good shot at Susa.

The striker, who is a crazy fan of Milan from a child, has stripped off and even snuck with emotion. The goal was his ninth for the club this season, making him the top scorer of the Rosoner. The young Italian, the only one in the team to date, has scored in all the A Series, Italian Cup, Europa League and Preliminary Round of League Europe.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
The attack gave the Rosoner more confidence, while the “Nerazzurri” failed to organize and put pressure on them. Even in the last few minutes only the centering was trying to hamper Donaruma, while the Milan counter-attack missed a second goal.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
Milan’s twelfth player was Gattuso, who lived every second, but the team was celebrating him. Milan scored the seventh consecutive success of its stadium race and the first over the 19-year-long “Nerazzur” for the Italian Cup.
Milan – Inter for the Italian Cup + 62
Future rival of Ludogorets in the 1/16-finals of the Europa League took over air, but on Saturday there is a fierce visit of Fiorentina from the calcio, where he ranks 11th.

The former Apennines leader recorded a third consecutive loss, and on Saturday he accepted Lazio in his final match for the year, and by the end of the season he will concentrate on 100% in the A Series after dropping out of the Cup. The team lags behind five points from the first position and the main goal – returning to the Champions League seems more than achievable at this stage for the Ikardi and Company.

Quarterfinals for the Italian Cup

MILAN – INTER 1: 0 (after extra time)
1: 0 Kicking (104)

MILAN (4-3-3): Antonio Donaruma, Mr. Ignatio Abate (53 Davide Calabria), Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez, Fran purse Lucas were Manuel Locatelli (73 Hakan Chalhanoglu) Sofia Social Security Office, Giacomo Bonaventura, Nicola Kalinic (75-Patrick Kutron)

INTER (4-2-3-1): Samir Handanović, Joao Kansai, Andrea Ranocchia, Milan Skrinyar, Yuto Nagatomo, Matthias Vesey, Roberto Galyardini (75 Marcelo Brozovich), Antonio Candreva (100 Eder), Joao Mario (66 -Borha Valero), Ivan Perissic, Mauro Icardi
Yellow cards: Locations, Billy, Skrinar, Kutron, Vesino, Perisic
Judge: Marko Guida
Stadium: “San Siro”